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    Looking for comprehensive study materials for your 2nd year Macro Economics course? Look no further than our Macro Economics II (Eco20B) 2nd year University Noteset! This set of notes covers all the important topics of the course, with colorful explanations that make complex economic theories easy to understand. It includes detailed notes from the ECO20B study guide and textbook, making it the perfect resource for exam preparation and assignment help. Whether you're a student pursuing an MBA or a professional looking to brush up on your macroeconomic knowledge, this Noteset is essential for mastering the subject. Purchase yours today and take your understanding of Macro Economics to the next level!

    Macro Economics II (Eco20B) _ 2nd year University Noteset

    SKU: ECBUNI2024
    • University STADIO [School / Faculty of Commence]
      Module No / Code ECO20B [2024]

      Book Title: How to think and reason in macro-economics

      Author(s): Frederick C. v. N. Fourie, Philippe Burger

      • ISBN: 978 1 485 13 047 5
      • Edition: 5th
      • Chapters : all

      STADIO ECO20B 2023-2024 Study Guide

      STADIO ECO10B 2023-2024 Study Guide



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