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  • Our Leadership [LDR101] University Notes are the perfect study companion for any student looking to develop their leadership skills and knowledge. These notes cover the fundamentals of leadership, including theories, styles, and best practices. They are designed to help students understand the key concepts of leadership and apply them in real-world scenarios. With clear, concise explanations and practical examples, these notes are an invaluable resource for any aspiring leader. Order your copy today and start your journey towards becoming a successful and effective leader.

    Leadership [LDR101] University Notes

    SKU: LDRUNI2023
    • University STADIO [School / Faculty of Commence]
      Module No / Code LDR101 [2023]

      Leadership in the African Context

      2nd  Edition 2015

      (Van Zyl et. All)

      ISBN 978 1 485 1 1 178 8



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