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  • Are you looking for a comprehensive set of notes to help you excel in your 3rd year Human Resource Management course? Look no further than our HRM 301 Noteset! Our notes have been carefully curated to align with the study guide, and include in-depth analysis of both prescribed and additional articles. In addition, our notes also incorporate material from the relevant Youtube tutorials to ensure that you have all the information you need to succeed. With our HRM 301 Noteset, you can feel confident that you are fully prepared for your exams and assignments. Don't let your studies overwhelm you - let our Noteset guide you to academic success!

    Human Resource Management III [HRM 301] Noteset

    SKU: HRMUNI2024
    • University STADIO [School / Faculty of Commence]
      Module No / Code HRM301 [2024]

      Book Title:Human Resource Management in the New World of Work

      Author(s):Desere Kokt

      • Edition:2020
      • ISBN: 978 0 6270 3809 9
      • Edition: 1st
      • Chapters : all (1-10)


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