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  • The Grade 9 Life Orientation Note Set is the perfect study companion for learners who want to excel in their LO subject. This comprehensive set of study notes covers everything from term 1 to 4 and provides learners with all the information they need to succeed. The context of the notes is easy to understand, making them ideal for learners who struggle with the subject. With this Note Set, learners can be confident in their ability to master the content and achieve their academic goals.

    Grade 9_Life Orientation Noteset

    SKU: LOG09E


      🚫📝 Copyright Alert: No Copying Allowed! 🚫📝

      Psst! Just a heads up: These notes are your secret study weapon. Only you can unlock their full potential. So, no sharing, copying, or sneakily emailing them to your study buddies. Let's keep it between us, deal?

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