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  • Introducing our Grade 11 Economics Workbook - the ultimate study guide for learners pursuing economic studies. This comprehensive guide covers Term 1 to 4 and comes in a colorful format with graphs for easy interpretation. This includes both micro and macroeconomics, as outlined in the ATPS by DBE and IEB. With this Note Set, learners can confidently prepare for exams and deepen their understanding of economic principles. Get your hands on this essential study aid today

    Grade 11_Economics Noteset

    SKU: ECOG11E


      🚫📝 Copyright Alert: No Copying Allowed! 🚫📝

      Psst! Just a heads up: These notes are your secret study weapon. Only you can unlock their full potential. So, no sharing, copying, or sneakily emailing them to your study buddies. Let's keep it between us, deal?

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